The Garden…

Emma was supposed to be writing an adventure story, but she had no ideas! So, she snuck into the garden for inspiration. She had just discovered a bright turquoise berry that she wanted to eat (idk…). She popped it in her mouth and felt a strange swooshing sensation . Emma noticed that the uneven tufts of… grass!! were taller than her! She quickly realised that either she was getting smaller or the garden was growing rapidly! (She hoped it was the latter…) Suddenly, Emma heard a vociferous buzzing sound above her. She realised that this was an angry hornet! She was terrified of hornets even at her normal size, so she RAN for her life and hid in a clump of daffodils. Emma was so tired and she collapsed on the grass, panting. She listened carefully and heard two shrill voices – arguing? Emma looked up and saw caterpillars! They were arguing about who would be the best butterfly. “I’m going to have such colourful wings!”            

“Well I’m going to fly the highest!”

Emma wanted to stop the argument but didn’t want to be pulled into it either. So she tiptoed away – to fin d herself in a nest of… ANTS!! “AAAGGGHHH!!”, Emma screamed. She was beginning to hate this garden. But out of the blue, a large butterfly suddenly came and picked her up – out of the ants though …she was trying to stay positive. “Put me DOWN! Please!” Emma shouted. They flew for what felt like hours until the butterfly said: “goodbye, Emma” “What? What the – AHHHH!!!” The butterfly had dropped her! She screamed – And then Emma woke up. Phew! It was all a dream! Now Emma knew what to write!

The End

Hi! Did you like the story? Cool! (even if you didn’t).  Today I also baked a cake. I put strawberry whipped cream and Peanut butter. The cake was a bit rubbery though.  So thats it! I hope you enjoyed the story! Thanks for reading! xx Zoya xx       🙂

(first written on 15 April , 2020)

The Dangerous Beast

On a dull, cloudy Sunday, Pig was going to the park to play on the monkey bars (a pig on monkey bars… lol). But his sharp trotters got stuck on the thin bars and he squealed for help!
Meanwhile, Buffalo and Rhino were heading there too when they heard Pig.
“Lets go see whats up”, they agreed. And when they got there, they were in fact very mean to him!
“Hahaha! What a pig fat pig! No wonder he got stuck!”, they sneered.
Pig was fuming, but he was also crafty, so he schemed a revenge plan – still while trying to pry himself free!
He got out and introduced himself to the rude pair. They became fast friends, but he never forgot his plan…
He invited them to his house, a cave. Pig asked them what they really wanted to do in life.
“I want to go on a trampoline, and Buffalo wants to roll in a mud-pit.”, Rhino explained.
“Well perfect! I have those in the other room! Both of you, come at different times here tomorrow and I’ll show you!

The Dangerous Beast

So they did. Rhino went first. He was so excited – but with surprising strength, Pig locked him in the cave! Rhino screamed and screamed until Buffalo heard him. They realized Pig played them and went to find him.
They again found Pig in the park.
“Oh hi! Where were you? Enjoyed the things?”, he blatantly lied.
Buffalo and Rhino were so disgusted that they threw Pig far away in anger!

The End…

Hi! Happy (late – sorry!) Easter! So I actually wrote that story in 2018! I have a whole folder of these old stories and drawings, so I’ll edit them and post, like this one. So for Easter my Dad planned a Easter hunt for my brother and me. It was SUPERCALIFRAJILISTICEXPIALIDOTIOUS!!!  We got a small bag of sweets every time we solved a clue! It was the best! So thanks for reading! xx Zoya xx       🙂

(first written on 13 April 2020)

About food…

Good Morning!
Now, today I won’t be sharing a short story. Instead, just some news and a few recipes!
Yesterday (25 . 4 . 2020) Me and my mama went to a food giveaway for the homeless and poor of Japan. And it was so fun! We packaged tomatoes and bread and eggs, and it was super FUN! It felt really good when we saw happy faces leave with a bag full of food!
I’ve been doing so much cooking in quarantine! I’ve made vegan cookies, fish pie and tofu and noodles, and so much more! My parents always say I cook with feeling. but idk that means.
So If any readers or anyone could send me some recipes, that would be SUPERB!
There is this really funny trend called a “trikini”: bikini with a matching mask! :):)! I think I’ll get one of these for my cousins wedding gift!
Sorry if this was quite a short blog.
Well, thanks for reading!
xx Zoya xx 🙂
(written on 26 April 2020)

The Dollhouse

About last week for school we had to write a story about a girl who became a doll. Here it is:

My name is Mila Zaitsev, and this is the story of how I was turned into a doll. It was a long time ago – almost 20 years back, in a tiny Russian village named Volchansk.

I was 10 years old. Unlike other girls, I was a curious person and unlike other girls, I had no friends. Apart from my doll, Lia. I loved her –  until the incident. So here is how I was transformed into the hideous creature I am today.

Snow! It was an everyday thing in Russia, but to this day I still get excited about it. So I leaped out of bed and sped out of the house as fast as a leopard. I headed to the town hall, my favourite place to play. I caught sight of a large blackboard, like the one at school. I decided to play there with Lia. As my feet crunched in the snow I heard the girls from school – Selena, Anna and Galina – squealing in delight as they sledded down the high mountains. I wished they were my friends. But they think I’m a loser – even said it right to my face.  Anyway, the blackboard started creaking as I pulled out Lia from my pocket. And it opened! Like a door! I was curious. So I walked inside…

I cautiously stepped inside, filled with anxiety, only to find a supposedly empty room!! As I looked closer, I saw tiny glinting eyes – but they were friendly… what?            

‘’Hello? Who’s there?’’. And they replied: ‘’Dolls. From the world. Salutations! What is your name?’’I told them my name and asked why they were even here? Apparently they were captured and imprisoned by the Toymaker (that’s his name…). I spent some time there and it was so fun! They are like the friends I never had! I kept going there, and every time I noticed something new about the dolls. I learnt about different cultures all around the world, places I’d never even heard of. But one day they warned me that the Toymaker was coming back to Volchansk, so I couldn’t come again.

But as I heard those girls laughing, something snapped. I couldn’t take it anymore! I was tired of being a lonely child. These dolls were my only friends, and I was going to make the most of it.

So that night, I just went to the room to meet them and honestly not feel lonely! And that was my biggest mistake EVER. And the moment I walked in, I knew something was wrong. So I said: Hello? And a hand clamped over my mouth. the Toymaker…

I tried to scream, but I couldn’t even breath!  “You will be punished”, and with no other words he clicked his fingers and I passed out. Next thing I knew, I was behind a glass shelf and heard my mother’s voice. She looked like a doll… All my family did. Not the same size, but the same design. OH MY GOODNESS. I was a Matryoshka doll…

I had so much more to to see and do. Instead, I was now just stuck in a dusty wooden shelf behind glass in Volchansk. Its my fault. I had to pay the price for greed. To fill that empty hole where friendship should’ve been. But, no…

Did you like that? If you do, thanks! If you don’t, please comment and tell me why. I’d love some feedback. I drew that picture as well! Good, or nah?

So, that’s it! Thanks for reading!
xx Zoya xx
(First written on 8 April 2020, Tokyo)

Waiting and Waiting…

Hi again!

Today is poem day! I plan to post a poem once in a while. Here goes…

Waiting and Waiting

I’m sitting at my dark table, hunched alongside with my books and flickering PC,
My eyes have gone square from staring at it all day.
I guess having no routine has a price to pay
My family are all hidden in their rooms, like they don’t even exist,
And I’m sitting here, while with nervousness my hands twist.

Lonely and bored
Lonely and bored.

It’s really not fair, I just came here
And I met so many new wonderful peers
But now the newest trend is self isolation
We just need the simple patience
To wait for this to end.

Waiting and waiting
Waiting and waiting.

I stare outside; it’s such a good day,
It’s just too bad I can’t go out and play.
Thanks to this virus I miss my new friends
Is this anyone’s fault? Not really
It’s like Covid-19 has kidnapped me.

Cool? It was a bit dark, but that’s the real situation here. So I genuinely mean it when I say I hope everyone stays safe. Let’s wear a mask, wash our hands, and get regular exercise – it builds immunity.
Thanks for reading!

xx Zoya xx

(Written on 8 April, 2020)